Update :)

Hello everyone! I want to let you know that things are going well and Babu is doing wonderful.  Babu has had no change in her health, we are still watching dance videos together at night, and she and Stella are still the best of friends.  (She got to see today how excited Stella gets when…

Alphabet Haiku Challenge: Hightail

Here is the Alphabet Haiku Challenge for “H” hosted by Dark Side of the Moon.   Handsome hummingbird Hastily hovers – hightails! Hence hurried heartbeat.

Alphabet Haiku Challenge: Green

This is so fun!  Thank you for the challenge, Dark Side of the Moon. Growing garden – Grow! Glean great green.  Grow, garden, grow! Gah!  Gnats!

Alphabet Haiku Challenge: Final

I have not forgotten about the Alphabet Haiku Challenge hosted by Dark Side of the Moon!  Here is my “F:”   Feline fur, feathers flying,…falling…fallen.  Foe foiled -final feat.

Just a Little Update :)

On Friday I got news.  I am hired for for an ELA teaching position at a new school in a town close to me.  It is a small school, thirty kids, and they have social emotional diagnoses.  These are not easy students to work with as trauma and mental health issues can make giving instruction…

Day Seven: Children

I’m breaking the rules again and posting a vintage photo.  I mean, look at it, how could I not?

Day Six: A Portrait

I’m sorry!  I broke the rules here but all I could think about were the amazing numbers of portraits in Babu’s collection of photos and one of my favorite ones.  (Technically, I did take a picture of this picture.)  I’ll also include one of my favorite ones I’ve taken of Babu. This really fun photo…

Day Five: Something Mint Green

Her shirt says: Avo-cardio.  And yes, that is a land speeder. A really fun Photo Challenge hosted by Cassia Elizabeth