Physical (and Mental) Exams

The rest of October is well documented in this post:


At the same time that Babu was calculating the measures, budget, balances, and calories of love and relationships, Jake was making plans for something else as well.  This something else would have its own ramifications on the fore mentioned.  Jake and Chet are continuing their pursuit of military service.  Due to flat feet (Jake) and a heart tremor (Chet) they both did not pass initial attempts to enlist.  I can’t believe Jake almost never joined the military.  I wonder how everyone’s story would have gone…

I also posted about Jake’s pursuit here:


December, 1940 continues the saga.  Jake wasn’t going to give up, flat feet or no flat feet!

Tuesday, December 10th, 1940

Got my picture from Forbes today and it came out good.  Jake came up while Ernie and I were eating supper and from his face I know he had passed the physical exam.  In Feb, he is to take a mental one.  Our Nee-Wah meeting was bustling.  Ed and Jake met me after and we had something to eat.  Jake is holding on to my earring for good luck.

I almost wonder if now he passed the exam because the nation realized it was getting closer and closer to having no choice but to join the war?  (I don’t know if that is historically accurate, but I wonder why he fails once but then passes.  Points for persistence?)

Wednesday, December 11th, 1940

Jakey certainly is serious about this flying cadet business.  He came up tonight about 7:30 after studying Algebra.  If he doesn’t pass his exam he won’t be fit to associate with.  All that bothered him, he said, was what I would do when he’s away.  He told me to do anything I wanted to and nothing to stop me.  Left at 9:30 again to study.  He kissed me and said what a let down now to pick up an Algebra book.

I can’t even with these two. This whole passage feels like it should be a movie.  Jake would obviously be played by Bogart.  And because Casablanca is just my favorite and I think a great choice for Babu would be Bergman, there you have it.  Sweeping music.  Stark lighting with large shadows.  Tears standing out in Babu’s eyes.

cas“We’ll always have Bonneville.”


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  1. I expect that the regulations for the physical exams were relaxed. After all flat feet are not really a handicap in the air.

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    1. I was thinking the same thing!

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