Who I Am

Angie Marotte is an author who refuses to do this in the third person because the act of writing is intimate to me and, as a consequence, my writing itself is honest and personal.  I write a lot about myself because it is how I understand my world and who I am.  I write memoir in this blog and process the difficult job of being a caretaker and use my words to preserve and bring to my own attention all that I am thankful for.  I am also a Horror writer with an almost finished draft of novel #1.  It’s called Dissonance.  There is even a growing pile of short stories, to my pleasant surprise.  There are many more half formed characters and brewing ideas that sit up on shelves in my room or lurk in doorways, staring at me.  Their eye brows are slightly raised and arms are crossed.  They are impatient.  They want me to create them, already!

Not that long ago, I quit my job as a teacher to write and care take full time. I am at the cusp of this new career as an author.  Thank you for taking the journey with me.




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  1. Linda Gartz says:

    Hi Angie,
    I am across your blog looking old photos. I, too, have 80-100 year old diaries; also thousands of pages of letters. 25 bankers’ boxes of family archives. I couldn’t tell if you have a twitter account or how to get updates of posts. I think you’ll like my blogs, all found at my website: LindaGartz.com. Family Archaeologist is where I shared my finds that I thought made good stories. I’ll be publishing my book 4/3/18 “Redlined-A memoir of race and change in 1960’s Chicago. Congratulations on your writing! A long road to completion, but keep at it!

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    1. Hello and nice to meet you! Thanks for your encouragement and I will certainly check out your website. I look forward to it. My twitter in thewoolsuit. Congratulations on YOUR writing!


  2. Linda Gartz says:

    Oops. My comment meant to say, “I CAME across you blog…” Auto correct gremlins!

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  3. Linda Gartz says:

    Hey, Angie, not sure if I got the twitter handle right because it didn’t come up. Is it: @InTheWoolSuit ? or something else. Thanks for the congrats. In the throes of all publishing details now. Lots of work, like any endeavor worth pursuing!

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    1. Just thewoolsuit no “in” and I appreciate you looking me up. Despite how crazy that process is I’m living vicariously through you! #ProblemsIdLoveToHave haha I just feel like saying congrats again! It’s big!


  4. Johan Qin says:

    Such a lovely idea that I can totally see myself piggybacking off of: free-writing about certain memories that lurk up to the surface of your consciousness. I guess that’s their way of saying that they want out!

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