June 7 or 8?, 1941

Now this truly is a mystery.

Usually, Babu’s pictures and diaries line up perfectly, date for date, event for event. She writes about her day and I can always understand where any pictures with that date on the back fit in. Not this time. Here is her passage:

June 8, 1941

Saw Ernie off to Vt on the train and checked up on how much and long it would take to go to Alabama.  Spent all afternoon looking for a white dress and finally bought one.  Came home all tired out and got dressed for tennis.  Nat’s brother, John, came at 5:30 but we found the Forrest Park courts closed.  We played for about 10 mins at Blunt Park.  Ate ice cream at Howard Johnson’s and then drove around and landed in Hartford.  He tried to teach me to turn around in a car and I sweated and was bad.  He seems to enjoy my company, or so he says.

Here are pictures I found for the day:

It seems likely the picture was mislabled (and underleabled, where are the names?!). Maybe the picture goes with this passage?

June 7, 1941,

We all went to six o’clock mass and all (Aunt Nellie, Uncle, Mary, and Johnny) drove to Aunt Helen’s.  We’ve missed a road on the way up and wasted almost an hour.  John and I went to Meriden for a show.  Saw “Washington Melodrama” and “The Great American Broadcast.”

I do not know who the little girl in the front is, but she looks ready to start a revolution. I mean, she is clearly ready for something!!

It’s super disappointing that I could put names and faces to many more of Babu’s extended family, if she only put the names on these pictures. So sad.


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