Your Xs Are Too Small

June 14, 1941,

Last night I didn’t fall asleep until almost 3:00.  Guess my mind wandered about Alabama too much.  Ernie and I shopped in the afternoon, then she went home to VT.  I came home and was busy intending to stay home.  Edmund came up about 7:30 while I was washing dishes.  He took me to the auto races in West Springfield.  He’s so nice to me.  I can’t figure it out.

June 15th, 1941, 

Adele Janik got married today.  Mom and Dad went to Bondsville but I decided to stay home.  Spent all afternoon by myself and about six started for Nat’s.  On the way, she and Frank, A. and Zosh and Ed picked me up.  I was surprised to see Nat with Frank as she said she didn’t want to see him.  I went to visit Jeanette Prezbuyla and she, her mom, and I went to see “A Woman’s Face.”  She told me Drobe has a girl named Emily.  

Of COURSE Drobe found a girl with Babu’s name!!

June 16th, 1941, 

Mr. Hitchcock keeps me so busy just doing his work.  Today I didn’t relax one bit.  Had another letter from Jake.  Gosh, I wish they’d keep coming like that all the time.  After choir rehearsal, Spike and Johnny and Joe Chimel took us for ice cream and sang for us.  They’re a good group of boys.

June 14, 1941

Dear Emily:

As far as I know now we will be through here about the 6th of July.  If you asked for your vacation from the 6th of July to the 19th, I believe it would just about cover my leave.  If we should happen to get through a little sooner you could leave Spfld. on Friday July 4th and get here just as we are let out.  I’d like to let you know definitely because I know how it is planning vacations but no one is certain as of yet so if you have to make a definite date use the ones I mentioned, O.K.?  It will take you at least two days to get here you know unless you can get that worthless would-be-flyer boyfriend of yours to fly you down.   However I don’t think they’ll let him do that so you’ll have to be content with the “speedy” southern Ry.

About your letters, you just keep sending them the way you’ve been doing.  I gave the boys a smell the other day and they enjoyed it.  Where did you get the idea that they’d razz me about them?  One of the boys got a hold of one of your letters and after he read it he enjoyed it so much he decided to write to you himself  signing my name.  He wants me to send that letter to you but I’m having my doubts doing so. He advised against a Southern trip so when you read it, disregard that part of the letter.  Yup, I’m going to send it because he spent some time on it and I don’t want to disappoint him.  Hereafter, I’m hiding all your letters.  I have quite a pile now and will read them again in my old age.

After all this preparation I hope nothing goes wrong to keep me from finishing.   We’ve had 11 washouts so far and I’m afraid there will be more before we’re through here.  I wish you could realize how much I hope and pray that I’ll be able to finish.  Boy, We’ll have a good time together for a few days anyway if I do finish.  Will miss the terraplane though.  I won’t be able to wake up in the back seat anymore to find a cute little bundle all cuddled up beside me.  Remember that – somewhere on the road to Amsterdam.  

It finally started to rain today and it’s been coming down steadily for a half hour now.  I hope it keeps raining – it’s a relief from the heat.  

About the formal Emily I think you should go-remember I told you not to hibernate.

Back to your vacation again, it’s always on my mind.  I remember Chet said he’d like to come down but I don’t know whether he meant it or not.  His birthday is July 9th which is near the time we’d be allowed off so we might make it a double celebration.  It doesn’t make any difference to me whether he comes or not because you and I can have a good time together alone-we’ve done it before you know.  The only trouble is that it’s a long trip and if you could have company on the way it would be so much better.  I mentioned in one of my previous letters that you might be able to come down with a girlfriend of one of the boys but I’m not sure about that yet.  However, I’ll leave it up to you-come any way you like with anyone that’s coming just as long as you get here.  Chet and Ed both wanted to come down at one time but they will probably change their minds when the time comes.  Heck I’m talking in circles– I’m not sure about anything.

About your sneaks, Nellie gave me hell for leaving them in the car such a long time but she didn’t take them out herself did she.

I’m going to that dance I told you tonight.  I found out it’s run by the queen of society of Tuscaloosa.  Her husband owns the paper mills in town and she’s full of dough.  I’ll tell you about the dance in my next letter.  

Bye, Jake

P.S.  Be sure and go to the formal Meeches and enjoy yourself.  Have a number with me will you?  Your Xs are toooo small.


I have quite a pile now and will read them again in my old age.

Ohhh, where are they? I’m sure, if he was able, they were kept. Were. Are. They? Did he read them in his old age? He truly didn’t make it to old age. Babu kept hers but could she ever bring herself to read them?

Again. Sigh!


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