In Honor and Memory of “Stretch” Part I

Unfortunately, this was the start of the end. I am simply to sad to create suspense or to worry about spoilers. May 11, 1941, Nat was angry because Stretch didn’t come home.  However, he’s sick in the hospital and can’t help that.  Ed K. came up and gave me a driving lesson and we picked…

Babu And Alfred

Please indulge another draft from the vault! How do you feel about Hitchcock?  No, not her boss at the tax office: Saturday, January 25th, 1941 Mr. Hitchcock is going to drive us insane, I think. I mean Alfred.  The creator of such films as The Birds, Rear Window, Vertigo, and, of course, Psycho? Friday, October…


But not for us…Not yet. If you would indulge me, I found this post in my drafts bin. I started writing this post in 2018!!!! I’m not sure if I posted something like this already, thus where the indulgence is needed, but I felt it educational to see these passages grouped together on this theme….

April A-Z: Divvying and Dreaming

This past March was tense and difficult.  The 11th was Babu’s birthday but instead of her, we had a job.  Adam’s uncle, Tony, came from Tennessee and helped to start the process of doling out things that were hers and now theirs.  You can imagine how that can go.  At some point one night during…

Sunday Share: Not Your Typical Daisy

This Sunday I’m sharing something a little darker.  I ran across a blog by a writer doing amazing and amazingly creative things.  She is CL Muller at Daydreaming With Ink and Paper and she writes Fantasy, Dystopia, and Science Fiction.  A little known fact about me is how much I love all of these genres yet I…

Alphabet Haiku Challenge: Hightail

Here is the Alphabet Haiku Challenge for “H” hosted by Dark Side of the Moon.   Handsome hummingbird Hastily hovers – hightails! Hence hurried heartbeat.

Alphabet Haiku Challenge: Green

This is so fun!  Thank you for the challenge, Dark Side of the Moon. Growing garden – Grow! Glean great green.  Grow, garden, grow! Gah!  Gnats!

Alphabet Haiku Challenge: Final

I have not forgotten about the Alphabet Haiku Challenge hosted by Dark Side of the Moon!  Here is my “F:”   Feline fur, feathers flying,…falling…fallen.  Foe foiled -final feat.

Sunday Share: Sonnets and So Much More

Not many people write sonnets any more and even less write them well.  At the blog Andy Maudling Writes you will get exactly that, great writing. Here is a little taste: In Line Sunday Sonnet We evolve to understand ourselves, To know we know much less. Like books, we sit in line on shelves; Each spine becomes…

Sunday Share: Alphabet Haiku and a Photo Challenge

I got wrapped up in challenges this month.  I wasn’t looking for any, I swear!  But first came around Alphabet Haiku.  Did you know that Haiku was originally, and still should be if it’s not, considered a form of meditation?  I wrote one just for fun and then I saw that I could do it! …

Alphabet Haiku Challenge: Dank

Dark Side of the Moon‘s Alphabet Haiku Challenge for “D.” Dawning dark, dreary dangerous downfall disrupts Drops drumming, drumming.

Alphabet Haiku Challenge: Boundaries

This is the Alphabet Haiku Challenge from Dark Side of the Moon’s wonderful blog.  Check it out, it’s wonderful, and stay tuned for it’s appearance on this Sunday’s Sunday Share. beaver bounded but because barely brave bounded back