Sunday Share: Alphabet Haiku and a Photo Challenge

I got wrapped up in challenges this month.  I wasn’t looking for any, I swear!  But first came around Alphabet Haiku.  Did you know that Haiku was originally, and still should be if it’s not, considered a form of meditation?  I wrote one just for fun and then I saw that I could do it!  I mean, I could do it, but I didn’t say they’d be great.

But you should check out the Alphabet Haiku on Dark Side of the Moon’s blog.  I have to say, a much better job is done there.  Plus, you can click on the other links and see other people who are doing it, too!

And then came a simple 10 day photo challenge.  Cassia’s blog, A Little Bit of Everything is a pleasant blogging trip as well.

These challenges have been fun.  I needed a little fun.  We all need some fun sometimes, right?

I’m pleased that the Blogosphere is rife with these kind of challenges.  I may partake again somewhere down the line once these two are done.  I hope you’re enjoying!


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