He’ll be dizzy and she won’t throw things.

May 28, 1941,

When I get home and don’t have a letter from Peach, I feel like throwing things.  I had one, however, today.  Helped Mom a little in putting up the hem on my new dress and then went to rehearsal.  Chet and Ed called me at the office today.  At rehearsal Spike asked me to go dancing but it was raining quite hard so I didn’t go. 

May 25, 1941

Dear Emily:

     I wrote my last letter to you in a hurry and I don’t believe I had a chance to thank you for the nice pictures you posted on the letter.  Also the envelope smelled so good that it made me a bit dizzy.  It seemed as though I was reading the letter right beside you.   I hope you got the pin I sent with my last letter.  I was told that it would get there OK so please let me know whether you got it in good shape and whether you like it.

     I’ve never told you much about the boys down here so I’ll tell you now.  I’m friendly with all of them but I haven’t a real close buddy yet.  You know what I mean-somebody I would tell everything to etc.  There’s a a fellow down here you’d get a big kick out of.  He is funny.  Always making the screwiest remarks.  I’ll tell you some of the funniest things he’s done so far.

     The night of the dance he took his wrist watch off and took all the money out of his pockets and placed these things right besides a swimming pool (there’s a beauty at the country club but it is for members only-We have no place to live.)  Next he walked up to the diving board and was about to jump off when the boys brought him back.  During the week he went up in the attic and brought down his traveling bag.  WHat do you suppose he had in it-a pair of ice skates-imagine that.  You see he’s from Texas and the explanation everyone takes for granted is that he figured he was traveling north to Alabama so he could use his skates.  

     Yesterday (Saturday night) he got feeling good (I don’t know where he got the liquor because the town’s dry as a bone) and took a bicycle from a newsboy and drove it in one door of a drug store and out the other.  I’m telling you that was funny.  Everyone was pop-eyed watching him drive around counters, missing people by inches, etc.

     I hope you got the letter I wrote you some time ago about seeing me at 9:20 each night (11:20 your time.)  I’m going to give that pillow an extra hug tonight and I hope you will be doing the same.

     I still haven’t had a single drink since I’ve been here.  There is a place called The Midway where the boys go every Saturday.  If I solo this week (If I don’t I’ll be back home) I believe I’ll go down and have a beer or two do you think that’s O.K.  I think I will have earned it.  (there I go —-ing again.)  I can’t tell you the word that goes in the blank but when everyone complains around here it’s called bit–ing-do you get it.

     I’ll be an upper classmen in a few days I hope because the upper class is leaving for basic training.  There are three periods in this course.  1.  Primary (that’s what I’m in now.  This consists of dodo days and upper class days.  2.  Basic training (also consists of dodo days all over again and another period of being upper classmen.)  3.  Advanced training (when I get there I’ll be a real pilot, no more dodo days.)  Emily, I hope you can understand how much I want to make good in this.  I just can’t tell you how much I hope and pray that I’ll finish.  I thought I told you before – we’ve had but two washouts so far but next week will be the worst.  If I live through it I can almost breathe a half sigh of relief.  

     One of the boys that came down with us from Springfield was sent to Maxwell field last week.  He’s been airsick ever since he got here but they’re giving him a break because he’s had time back home and was never sick before so they took him to the hospital for observation.  He was flown down by a lieutenant and certainly looked healthy but still used to get sick doing stalls and spins. 

     I’ve written a whole letter and through it all I’ve been thinking about “Stretch.”  Be sure and get that “mass” I told you about in my last letter and tell Natalie how badly I feel about it but be sure and keep her mind off it if you can.

     Nellie tells me the terrible plane is running like a top.  I hope you can get your license soon (a fellow just fell out of his chair and shook my hand) so i can “order” you to borrow the buggy and take yourself for a spin.  Please write as soon and as often as you can.  I enjoy reading everything you say.  See you at 9:20 exactly 20 minutes from now.



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  1. Awww… ❤ it! "I’m going to give that pillow an extra hug tonight and I hope you will be doing the same…see you at 9:20"

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    1. Yeah I know. I cannot even with them. ❤

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