Sunday Share: Sonnets and So Much More

Not many people write sonnets any more and even less write them well.  At the blog Andy Maudling Writes you will get exactly that, great writing.

Here is a little taste:

In Line Sunday Sonnet

We evolve to understand ourselves,
To know we know much less.
Like books, we sit in line on shelves;
Each spine becomes a mess.

We wait our lives to wait in line,
To never meet the end.
We reach a final turn in fine,
Straight lines without a bend.

In line to face to final call,
And I am on the edge.
If looks could kill, I’d kill them all,
From high up on this ledge.

When will it be my turn to speak,
All of the dreams that I do seek.

Do check out the rest of the blog.  You wont be disappointed.


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