September, 1940: Edmund, Fila, and Gladys

Last Saturday I wrote a post which started us all getting to know some of the “characters” I don’t talk, or know, as much about.

September, 1940:  Nat and Stretch

Two other names that often pop up are Edmund and Fila.  These two guys bang around with Jakey and seem to be almost everywhere Jake is.  The initial assumption is that they are his best pals.  After a while, I began to wonder if they were step brothers of a sort.  Jake’s father died when he was in high school and Jake’s mother either has a new beau, or has remarried a man named Benny.  Are both, or one, of these boys always around because they live there?  I’m not sure!  Whatever the case, my desire to get to know Fila better was answered, especially with this passage:

Friday, September 6th, 1940

The bus was late tonight.  I had to stop at Sophie’s to find out about Brookside, so that I didn’t get home for supper until 7.  I had time to eat and dress before Cookie came over in Fila’s car.  Jakey made a date for Fila with Gladys Kapinos and for once Freddy was really nice with a girl.  Natural and all that.  So maybe for him it wasn’t natural.  Peaches and I both felt good.

sept 6 40

The first thing to understand is that Fila and Freddy are the same person.  Freddy Fila.  Rolls off the tongue.  Fila must be some form of shy and awkward and there is some degree to which Jake looks out for him.  I hope things work out for Fila and Gladys.  Somewhere down the line in her family we get Babu’s current dentist!  At least, I think this is the case as the last name is the same.

Sunday, September 8th, 1940

Edmund, Fila, Jake and I all vowed we’d go to 11:00 mass this morning but Jakey was the only one to show up.  The 4 of us and another boy shot a repeater riffle in my back yard in the afternoon.  Nellie and I made supper for Ed, Jake, Caz and ourselves.  Fila came and last’s night 4 went fourth again-just for a ride.  Fila gave me a compact, a souvenir from war maneuver.  Jake and I spent the rest of the evening by the radio.  Everything was fine till we said goodnight.

This is such another interesting passage.  So, Fila gives her a gift?  From a war maneuver?  Is this something from WWI?  Or from some early parts of WWII?  How would he have gotten that?  I wish I knew more.  Also, did you notice the hint of more trouble in paradise?

Friday, September 13th, 1940

Fila, Gladys Kapinos, Jake and I went golfing tonight to Wesfield and then landed at some dive and dance place in Granby.  Had a good time dancing, etc.  It’s always late when we get home but we usually take the car for a ride before putting it in the garage.

sept 12 40

I’m glad Fila goes out on another date with Gladys!  Maybe it’ll all work out.

Saturday, September14th, 1940

We didn’t work very hard in the office this morning and it was such a beautiful day.  I took a walk to the library and then Jake and I played tennis.  Just had time to eat and bathe when Jake and Edmund called.  We saw “Foreign Correspondent” and “Money and the Woman.”  The went to “Peter Pan’s” and then for a long ride.  Late home again.

Sometimes it seems like either Fila or Edmund can be a third wheel.

Sunday, September 15th, 1940

My watch was an hour slow and I almost was late for high mass.  Fila, Gladys and we drove to Bondsville to look at farms.  (Freddy’s in the market for one.)  Bought some groceries and had a picnic at some friend of Fila’s.  It was perfect.  We had music too.  The friend of Fila’s is very attractive and has a good personality.

I’m finding out more about Fila every day.  So, he wants to buy a farm and has an attractive friend, huh?  I wish there was more to get to know Edmund.

I’ll admit I was a little surprised to read this:

Wednesday, September 25th, 1940

Jake is still running around seeing people and doctors about getting in for flying.  Edmund dropped in tonight and we went riding for about 3 hours.  When we got home, we met Jake.  He had been taking physical exams.  I hate to see him go away.  I don’t know what I’ll do.

No judgement or insinuation about her spending so much time with Edmund.  I guess I just didn’t realize she had that strong of a friendship with him.  I think I may know what they had to talk so much about.  It’s what is referenced at the end of this day’s entry and I’ll have to talk more about that in a later post.

I’d love to include some pictures of these boys but I don’t think we’ve run across any of them up through 1940.


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  1. I think she must have been good friends with these boys too as she never seems to mind them tagging along with her and Jake.

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    1. With you on that one!

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