September, 1940: Nat and Stretch

It occurs to me that there are some characters in these pages I know better than others.  Zosh, Jake, and Ernie are the mainstays that I’ve read plenty about and heard plenty of stories about in “modern times.”  Well, Nat was also an important third to the Zosh and Emily, (that’s Babu!), show.  It’s a shame Babu does not remember more about Nat.  Her name was Natalie Bartula.  Thank goodness I have these pages, and amazing pictures to get to know her.

Sunday, September 1st, 1940

Jake and I practiced target shooting with a single shot riffle.  It was the first time for me but I did quite well.  Nat and Stretch came and we played cards and drank beer.  Fila also stayed all evening.

And these days, 1940, getting to know Natalie means getting to know “Stretch,” A.K.A. Stanley Bator.  The pair seem inseparable.

I don’t know if this picture was taken on this day or not, but it seems to have been.

sept 1940 1sept 1940 1 b

I can’t for the life of me figure out what is going on in that picture.  It seems like “Stretch” is wearing…an apron??…so at first I thought they were holding up a cake.  But wouldn’t it fall off?  And what does it say?  Tala Boom?  None of that was working out so I had to rethink.  Is it some sort of plaque?  Does it say Tala Baby?  Now I’m back to thinking it’s a cake, for a baby shower?  There is nothing, nothing that I picked up on, to give me any clues from the passages of that month.  Any help guys?

Monday, September 2nd, 1940

Got up at ten and found Mom and Dad washing clothes.  It started to rain so we went to see Nat and Stretch about the picnic we were supposed to have.  By ten o’clock it cleared so we had our picnic at King Phillip’s Stockade.  Stayed up at the house till 11:30 and drove down to meet Nellie and Cazimer at the station.  We stayed up till one talking about New York.

And there are amazing pictures of this day.  Please, just ignore that every rule of gun safety is ignored in these pictures.

sept 1940 3sept 1940 3 b

They look comfortable together!  A sure sign of love.

Prepare for the entire set of pictures.  So goofy…

sept 1940 4

How are they keeping their white shoes and light colored outfits so clean?  I’m impressed.

sept 1940 7

“OK, now, Stretch, you kneel by the fire, Nat, look down at a flower and Emily, just don’t stop eating, whatever you do!”  Also, I can’t tell, but it seems like Babu is wearing her glasses in these pictures.  That would be a first to this date that I’ve seen yet.

sept 1940 6sept 1940 8

I know I should be laughing at their sassy poses with the guns, and Babu’s total girl power pose, but I can’t stop peeping her saddle shoes!  <3!

Of course, September, 1940 is not the first time we hear about this couple, and especially Nat.  Here are some pictures that feature her that you’ve seen in past posts:

It’s this that kills me, I have to admit:

Lest You Forget


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  1. Lovely photos! Wasn’t there a line of products in the 40’s by a company, Tala? Before my time, but I’ve heard the name.

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