But not for us…Not yet.

If you would indulge me, I found this post in my drafts bin. I started writing this post in 2018!!!! I’m not sure if I posted something like this already, thus where the indulgence is needed, but I felt it educational to see these passages grouped together on this theme. Currently I’m reading, transcribing, writing, and posting about 1941 with Jake already, finally!, enlisted. With Jake away, she does not seem to write as much about what she’s hearing on the news. As we know, however, in 1941 the war is only building and in 1940 what we see is the start of it all for many people.

Tuesday, June 11th, 1940

We probably will have another long succession of rain.  Yesterday Italy entered the war on the side of Germany.  More to worry about.  Jakey and Edmund picked us up after club and we drove around.  Ernie talked all about her weekend in VT.  She didn’t get back to work till Monday noon.  She and Jeb got stuck up in the mountains on horseback.

More to worry about, indeed. Also, off topic but, I want to know more about Ernie’s misadventure!

Wednesday, October 16th, 1940

The great day of registration for conscription came today.  It won’t be long now before they begin taking the young men.  Stayed at home tonight and pressed clothes, played, took a bath, and read.  Wonder if Peach feels any better today.

I hear Babu’s voice come though loud and clear when she said those first two sentences.  You could imagine them spoken grandly, with great patriotism:  “the great day of registration!”  Go ahead try it.  But that’s not what I heard.  I heard sad, scared sarcasm. “It wont be long before hey start taking the young men.” This sounds as ominous as it actually, truly was.

Thursday, October 17th, 1940

Jakey’s picture was taken for the paper yesterday as signing up for the draft.  Now he’s being kidded about Hollywood.  We’ve been house cleaning in the vault at the office and get pretty dirty.  Jake, Chet, Edmund, Fila, and I went went riding in a 1941 Hudson Chet had the use of.  Jake and I came back early and listened to the radio and made love.  Sometimes it’s grand.

Monday, December 9th, 1940

I don’t mind working at the office when things are going well.  Lots of times I feel as if the girls don’t like me.  Today was all right.  Went to choir rehearsal.  Jakey must be getting rested and ready for tomorrow.  He’s going to try to get in the air force again.  This time the exam will be at Westover.  I don’t know what to wish for him.  I suppose, whatever he wants.

Friday, September 20th, 1940

Washed my hair tonight and I was in the midst of putting it up when Peach came.  He listened to the foreign broadcast while I pressed some of my clothes.  We spent all evening listening to war bulletins.  According to the English, they are holding up admirably.


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