Those spins, though!

I couldn’t believe what I was writing two posts ago. Here I was, showing you this amazing letter where Jake describes how to do tricks in a airplane in minute detail and I’m talking about some lame, vague fortune telling. I’m just kidding, I am excited about it all and I feel no guilt! But I, of course, needed to revisit Jake’s letter. I never got the bug to fly, but I love being a passenger. However, watching this guy’s nonchalant tutorial, I’m playing with the idea myself.

Such a neat video and the footage of him in the air! It is clearly like nothing else. However, what Jake wrote in his last letter makes things seem more complicated:

Remember this?

I just got down from a 43 minute flight with my instructor and would like to give you my reactions.  We did tail spins and power-on stalls.  They work like this: 1.  Climb to about 3,000 ft and head directly into the wind.  2.  Fly exactly level and pull the stick back until the plane is climbing at a 45 degree angle.  3.  Just like a car climbing a steep hill but in high the plane will stall after a few seconds of climbing.  4.  As soon as it stalls whip the stick back to your stomach and when you hit the horizon with the nose push forward with the stick.  That’s where the rollercoaster feeling comes in only it’s magnified a few times.  5. Finally, pull back on the stick and regain level flight.  The whole maneuver is done with the plane pointed in the same direction.  If you should fail to keep it pointed in the right direction and one wing drops a bit it will go into a tailspin which is that rollercoaster feeling plus a high speed merry go round. 

I found this youtube video and my heart – or was it my stomach, really did somersaults. Was this similar to what Jake was up in the air doing?! Oh thank God Babu didn’t have youtube videos like this to watch. Her heart wouldn’t have held out!


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