October, 1940: The First Week

It takes a while to get recalibrated.  I have posted about November, but not October, of 1940.  So I dove back into my transcriptions and felt immediately transported.  Now, here I am!

Wednesday, October 2nd, 1940

Chester and Jake came up right after supper and wanted to go to the show so they waited while I washed the dishes.  Peaches even wiped them for me. We saw “The Sea Hawk.” Peaches felt so good. Maybe he misses me after a few days.  I do. It’s wonderful to be loved when it’s tender and sweet. It may not be love but any way it’s sweet.

It is sweet, Babu, because it is love.

Thursday, October 3rd, 1940

First tonight, Mom had visitors.  Then Stretch came. After that Natalie.  She and I went to the library and then to the moonlight where we talked and talked.  On the way home, we saw Fila clip a car and Jake and all the the boys were with him. We kept on walking.  Then Drobe picked us up and we rode around and brought Nat home. We sat in the car for ages in front of my house talking some more.

Wow!  What an eventful night.  I guess Natalie and Babu can be counted on to mind their own business and keep a secret.  I wonder if Fila fessed up or ran off.

It is also so interesting to me when Drobe pops back into the picture.  I think they really did have something as kids as much as Babu denied it.  But!  Not something powerful enough.

Sunday, October 6th, 1940

Thought perhaps I’d have to spend this afternoon by myself but Jakey came up and he and I went to the airshow in Westfield again.  It was so crowded we couldn’t get very near. Came back for supper at his house and then we and Nellie and Caz went to see “The Quarterback” and “The Girl from Havana.”  We came back to listen to the radio at his house and I fell asleep.

I wrote more about this airshow in this post:

The Airshow

And the rest of this passage is interesting, too.  I wonder if the fact that she fell asleep at Jakey’s house prompted the talk that happened the next day:

Monday, October 7th, 1940

Peaches called me today.  He said he would- to see if I fell asleep when I got in bed.  But I was taking dictation and he didn’t call again. Daddy lectured me tonight.  Said all I did was like to smoke, drink, and go out. He said Peach would leave me flat someday.  Maybe. Anyway, I expect it. Went to choir rehearsal.

Those were really strong words that clearly hit her, despite her “anyway.”  I would never think of Babu as any type of rebel, but I guess for her time, she was not fitting the mould.  I guess her parents had reason to worry about her, not yet settled down, not taking life slowly.  I wish I could be there and tell them that she’d be just fine.




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