It’s such a relief to be back on this blog and to be working on this project.  So where have I been since midway through last April?  Many of my excuses are: life!  I love my job and it keeps me busy.  There are all the other regular things as well to keep me running.

I’m sure there has been some avoidance as well.  It is a powerful mix of feelings to be here, to be sorting through her pictures and words and being reminded of how much I miss her.

That is not even all I have been sorting through.  I have been dealing with all the things in this house.  And there is a lot of space and a lot of stuff.  (First world problems, huh?) There is a lot to do after a person dies.  We have the blessing of being able to stay here and going through everything, cleaning it out, packing it off to the people it should go to, and, slowly, taking over this house as our own has been a painstaking but inspirational process.  It is a lot of work but I have chosen to take it on both because I need to seize control of this environment to feel settled and also because it is all so interesting!  We didn’t have freedom in our living space to do what we wanted before.  So, there has been some room do-overs and some bigger fixes that need to happen.  I love going through the rooms and finding the absolute weirdest things.

2019-07-26 12.33.19
How’s this for a weird thing to find while going through a closet?

My plan is to do over all of the rooms so that they are updated and now work for, and speak to, us.  It’s more than just a big project, it’s many big projects.  I have redecorated one room and I’m amazed I did it as well as I did!  But more on that for another post.


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  1. You have had a lot to do and the sorting and packing is hard. I’ve done it. I am glad that you are able to keep the house. I had wondered about that.

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