Happy Birthday, Babu!

Thursday was Babu’s birthday. I have been thinking all month about some sort of special post mark the occasion. I could not think of anything nor did I post anything.

In fact, I was quite blue. It was a combination of things and this anniversary and…

A friend of mine said “Celebrate her life tonight! What was her favorite drink?”

So I left work after a busy, difficult day and a busy, difficult week and I went to the package store and bought some Southern Comfort and Cranberry Juice.


I also thought of buying Blue flowers but I knew we had no counter or table space to put them on. Our home is currently a reflection of our mental health. Isn’t it always that way?

Plus, I had no energy to make another stop.

I fact, I never made the Scarlett O’Haras. I did nothing to celebrate Babu and went to bed early.

And I felt a lot of guilt.

Two days later, I survived the week, the house is a little cleaner and my brain is a little more rested. I still have the SOCO in my fridge and when it’s time, Husband and I will sit and sip and celebrate her.

She’s constantly in my thoughts, my stories, these writings, everywhere in my home and in my heart. It’s ok not to be ok. and The world’s been spinning since the beginning and everything will be alright.

Treat yourself well and kindly. We all have bad days and it will get better.


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