February 15th? 16th?, 1941

For a moment I thought I had found the pictures for the Vaentines day dance of 1941, but I had not.  These are clearly the pictures for Zosh’s 22nd birthday and here is the passage from that day:

Saturday, February 15th, 1941

Had a headache this morning from lack of sleep.  In the office the three of us wore flowers. Jake called for me at five.  We stayed at home and Eddie R. And Stretch dropped in. We all met at Sophie’s for her 22nd birthday and she was so happy.  Got home at 12 and listened to the radio.

Here are the images and they say the 16th, but I think that just must be a typo:

feb 16 1941 zoshfeb 16 1941 zosh bfeb 16 1941feb 16 1941 b


Zosh doesn’t look happy to me in any of these pictures, (and her father looks like Abraham Lincoln.)  Even still, she must have been happy, Eddie was home from “camp” as Babu calls it in other passages.  And it was so nice to see a picture of her with her family.  They seem like a wonderful group of people, especially her presidential father who is the only non-formal picture taker of the group!


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