Happy Birthday, Babu!

I want you to know that your grandchildren are thinking of you heavily today.  We miss you.  I would tell you “Sto Lat” but you already made it.  Thank you for sending Adam that song on his way to visit the cemetery today.  A good reminder that we will:  “See ya later alligator.”

We all reached out and talked.  And even those babies were remembering you today.  Check out these gems:

girls 2


Yes.  A reminder to be aware of those calories.  Maybe write about them in our diary before bed.  And eat the cake anyway!




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  1. lifelessons says:

    She’s so lucky to have someone like you to remember her and record her life for posterity…

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    1. Untrue. I by far am the lucky one. ❤


  2. “Oh the calories!” Precious! ❤ Sto Lat Babu!

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