January 26th, 1941

Hold the presses.  I found pictures I didn’t know I had!  They are of the snowy, cold, January kind, but even though it is March 1st, they seem appropriate.  It is still so very cold!  I cannot wait for spring.  My garden is calling me.  But until then, here is January 26th, 1941:

Sunday, January 26th, 1941

For once we had a beautiful sunny Sunday.  After church, I got dressed for skiing and Peach came over.  Stretch dropped in to see us. He leaves tomorrow for camp. The other boys left yesterday.  We skied at Blanford, going with Chester and Fred Modzelewski, Helen Boron, and Edmund. It was grand.  Ernie stopped in on her way back, Jake and I read the paper, listened to the radio, and played cards.

jan 26 41 chesterjan 26 41 chester bJan 26 41 helenjan 26 41 helen b

Helen, it is so nice to meet you in image form but, girl!  Where are your pants?



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