The End of February, 1941

Sunday, February 16th, 1941

Right about noontime Jake came up and we were going to read the paper but Chester popped in and asked us to go skating at Hampton Ponds.  His brother Fritz and Helen Boron and some other girls came, too. The wind was terrific so we didn’t stay too long. We spent the rest of the afternoon in front of the fire and Jake runs over, kisses me, and says “Are you sure you love me, Emily,”  In the evening, he, Chet, and I went to see “The Mad Doctor” and Henry Aldrich.

She’s sure, honey, she may not know it all the time but she’s sure.

Monday, February 17th, 1941

Jakey came up tonight cause his study books were in the car and Nellie was using it.  We played cards and listened to the radio and fell fast asleep on the kitchen floor. Dad started working from 3 to 11 and after he came home Jake left.  Ernie told me that Friday at the dance, while I was running around, Jakey called me his wife and said maybe when he got through with everything, I would be.

…Anyone still looking for a spoiler?

Tuesday, February 18th, 1941

Work is plentiful in the office and we worked after five today.  We made, so far, about $17.00 on the formal. Zosh, Nat, Ernie and I went to the Moonlight to chat and we read Sophie and Nat’s letters from camp and the boys certainly show their affection.

Wow, no expectation of privacy, right?  They say, never put anything in writing that you don’t want anyone to read!

Friday, February 21st, 1941

Jakey had to call me at the office three times until he found me there.  He came up tonight while I was eating supper. I opened the front door for him and he put out the light and held me close.  Mom went to the movies, he studied History and I pressed clothes. I wrapped up his and my gifts for Nellie’s birthday tomorrow.  He listened to the radio and Nellie popped in on us. Casimer is giving her a cedar chest for her birthday.

There are so many lovely things in this passage.  The information about what Jake has to study for one of his many exams, History, the description of him holding her in the dark, (my whole heart!) and Nellie, Jake sister’s, upcoming birthday.

Wednesday, February 26th, 1941

Ernie and I eat at one o’clock now so the afternoon passes quicker.  Today was Ash Wednesday so we had to go to church. The priest touched our foreheads with ashes.  Spike Soudej asked me to go for a drive. I didn’t want to stop anywhere but enjoyed the drive. He told me about the first time he met me two years ago.  He’s a good kid.

Thursday, February 27th, 1941

As I got off the bus tonight, Drobe drove up in his car and we drove around the “Falls.”  At seven I had to go to the dentist. It wasn’t bad because it was a small cavity. Came home and washed my hair, listened to the radio, and read.

Now, what’s all this, boys?!  Trying to move on in?  And who even is Spike?  Have I even read and written about him before?  I’ll have to take a look.  But whichever way, they need to back off.  Jake’s studying, not flying off to war…yet.


Update, we have heard of Spike before.

The Blow Up: September, 1940


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