New Year’s Reflection

Do you know the feeling when you are lost but you are just now getting the feeling like the area around you is beginning to look right and you think you know how to get unlost?  I have been having this feeling this holiday while reading these powerful passages from Babu.  It is such a big time in her life, she is on the cusp of so many things, good and bad.  War, marriage, motherhood.  Knowing for real how she feels about Jake.  Maybe even feeling found herself.  The holidays are already such a reflective, emotional time.  It feels like we worked and waited all year for now and then, then what?

It’s been a full year without Babu.  Our goal was to to take care of her to the very end and since she’s been gone it has felt like, now what?

Working these last few days on these passages reminded me of what was so special to me about the relationship I had with Babu.  It was what she taught me.  A complete love for life, and embracing it.  Taking the time to enjoy the food and laugh and touch the beautiful flowers, and love people deeply.  Since I posted Christmas Eve’s post, that image of Babu and Jake has been ringing in my ears.  I am going to carry it with me into the new year and just simply enjoy life more and remind myself of how deeply I love the people in my life.


Happy New Year everyone.  ENJOY IT!


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