Update :)

Hello everyone!

I want to let you know that things are going well and Babu is doing wonderful.  Babu has had no change in her health, we are still watching dance videos together at night, and she and Stella are still the best of friends.  (She got to see today how excited Stella gets when asked if she wants to go for a ride.)

b and s
Neither of them was compliant during the taking of this picture.

I haven’t been posting but as it goes every time I’m away from this blog for more than a day – I don’t stop thinking about it.  Well, that’s a bit of a lie.  Sometimes I’m not thinking about the blog and this project and wishing I had the time to sit and work on it.  Here’s the thing:

I love my new job.  I’m obsessed with it.  It’s hard.  All of our students have big trauma histories and life on our campus can sometimes be wild.  But I love it.  Where our heart is for these kids matches what we actually do day to day with them in and out of the classroom.  The entire organization supports that and we support each other.

Mindfulness is important in our work:


Here’s a view of my classroom.  Worked my butt off on it.

The job’s not perfect.  That’s fine.  But I love these kids and the people I work with and the campus with all its chipmunks, but I don’t love all the spiders.

Here are some images of the campus and the walking trails behind our buildings!

One of the many cool people I work with is the science teacher.  She has classroom fishes and at least one skeleton in her room!

(I’m dead.)

Ok, I’m going on and on.  It’s, of course, a lot of work and I’ve dove in head first.  Feeling very purpose driven is good but this project still pops up in my mind multiple times a week.  Isn’t it always our struggle to find the proper balance?  Maybe someday I’ll find it.


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  1. Nice catching up. I feel like I’ve stopped by for a cup of tea. Be well 🥂


  2. It’s never easy to find a good balance and you have two jobs you really love, most people don’t even have one. I love your classroom, so many books. I love your friend’s sense of humour too or did you put that sign there? I do miss reading your stories but the main thing is that Babu is well. That was what I was reallly worried about. Just get back to us when you can even if it is next school holidays.


  3. There’s a time for everything. I’m happy you are jazzed about your job and the good work you and your colleagues are doing. Regards to Babu!


  4. Ink 'em Down says:

    Your classroom looks great; well done!


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