Beginning of April – No Joke!

Hello, I am here.  I hope that means that I am back and will post more frequently.  I’m sure many writers can relate to how hard it is to get going when writing inertia and life momentum gets going.  Mostly, I find it is harder and harder the longer I am away.  Regardless, however long I’ve been away or how infrequent my trips into Babu’s past are, I always love to read about her life from her own words.  I wonder if there are many of you left here that still love it, too??

Tuesday, April 1, 1941

Ernie worked at the office till nearly midnight yesterday and was too tired to come to meeting.  Francis Jarwok and I walked down. We had movies at club-about loaning money. Most of us adjourned to the moonlight where we spent over an hour.  Zosh says Eddie warned her that in a few weeks after he gets out of the army he’s going to propose.

April first and no April fools?  I would almost wonder if Eddie’s warning was some form of an April Fool’s joke, but I know a little about how things turn out.  😉

april 1 41

Friday, April 4, 1941

Jake and the boys are working for Edmund tonight.  Mr. Reyes drove me home.  I washed dinner dishes, washed my hair, and cleaned my room.  Ernie suddenly dashed in at quarter to nine (she had Uncle Jack’s car) and said “Let’s go to a show.”  We got to the Paramount at 9:30 and saw a revival of “Vivacious Lady.”

I just love how she made the mundane sound so very interesting!  There was dashing and suddenness!


Tuesday April 8, 1941

That really was a cold I caught yesterday.  I feel miserable.  Jake took us to Nee-Wah meeting and said he’d call for us.  We got out at 9:30 but no Jake.  We walked all the way home and just after we reached home he drove in tooted the horn and then threw pebbles at the window but I didn’t answer.

Man, she does not like to be stood up and can she hold a grudge!

Friday April 11, 1941

Stopped at church and went to the cross.  Frank Adamzyck was in church and took me home.  Did the dishes, washed my hair, and cleaned my room.  Jake came and we played chess and cards.  He took me for a driving lesson and I went over a curb once.  I don’t know why he comes up sometimes.  He doesn’t seem to enjoy himself.

Maybe he enjoys her just fine, but not her driving!

Saturday April 12, 1941

We worked only a half day.  I went shopping with Emmy.  On my way home I met Jake and he informed me that he got his letter and has to leave April 30 for Tuscaloosa, Alabama.  He, Chet M., and I went to see “Men of Boys’ Town” and “Scotland Yard.”  We went to the Peter Pan and Edd Joined us.  Zosh and I went for a long ride and when I came home at one, I found Aunt Nellie and family and John Dudek.

Well, things are finally in motion for the military career Jakey has wanted for a long time.  How hard it must have been for Babu to get that news.


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  1. Glad you are back, in this strange Covid world we live in now when you don’t see someone posting you don’t know if they are just busy, have writers block or something else.
    That “Jake informed me” sentence sounded like Babu was NOT happy.


    1. Oh my. Your comment sums up how fearful this time really is. Don’t worry. I’m still young (comparatively!) and always down on myself for not writing more. But I am here and well. Thank you for checking in.

      And yes, Babu has a way of being polite but very clear about her disapproval. I didn’t grown up in this family and all in all she is very different from me in the way I express myself. Even still, I don’t know how I EVER though her passages weren’t full to the brim with emotion!!

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