The End of March, 1941

Friday, March 21st, 1941

The first day of Spring was lovely but not too warm.  Jake came up and I had washed my hair. It takes all the romance out when one looks like that.  We listened to the radio and Chet M. dropped in for a while. Jakey heard that he may be called in May.  Gosh I’m sleepy and tired.

Babu, you seemed to do alright in the romance department regardless.

Jake may “be called in May,” meaning into the military.  I wonder if he knew what was ahead of him if he’d be as excited to be a pilot.  Maybe he’d be less excited but then again, maybe it would be even more urgent.  I just think of the pain it caused them to be separate.

Sunday, March 23rd, 1941

Our choir went to communion en masse this morning and then we had breakfast at the school.  Edmund, Jake and I took a walk in the afternoon and in the evening saw “Come Live with Me” and “Land of Liberty.”  Something has happened to Jakey’s appetite. He can’t eat and doesn’t feel good.

I wonder what was causing Jake to fell ill and he still felt that way the next day.

Monday, March 24th, 1941

My eyes are being used too much, I guess cause I have frequent headaches.  Called Jakey this noon to see how he was feeling and he still can’t eat. Ernie didn’t go home and she wrote to Jeb telling him she was losing faith in him.  Rehearsed Easter songs at choir. Spike said I was his dream girl and he was losing sleep. 

I wonder if Jake felt ill with nerves about having a month of life as he knew it left before May came.

Poor Ernie and Jeb.  I don’t think it’s a match made in heaven.  Good for her for standing up for herself!

Spike man, back off.

Tuesday, March 25th, 1941

Ernie and I thought the club might call off the scavenger hunt cause it was wet out (the ground) but we had it.  I had to obtain a tape measure and finally succeeded by getting Eddie Kowal’s sister out of bed. Jakey and Edmund were waiting for us and we went to Shankie’s.  Didn’t get to bed till one.

What a fun time it seems like this scavenger hunt was!  What it was for, I do not know, but Babu certainly does not give up easily.  I bet Eddie Kowal’s sister wishes she did!


Wednesday, March 26th, 1941

Had no supper tonight.  Dinner had been good and had ice cream at 4.  Jakey came as I was going to church so he went too although he didn’t want to.  We picked up Chet M after and we went to the Springfield Library to get “The Decameron.”  Jakey left at 10:30. I stood on the back stairs smiling at him and he said “Don’t tempt me.”

I wondered why it was so important to pick up this specific book so I researched “The Decameron.”  Information about it is here.  It seems pretty interesting!

The Decameron

I thought this plot piece was a bit eerily familiar:

 As the frame narrative opens, 10 young people (seven women and three men) flee plague-stricken Florence to a delightful villa in nearby Fiesole. Each rules for a day and sets stipulations for the daily tales to be told by all participants, resulting in a collection of 100 pieces. Each day ends with a canzone (song), and some of these represent Boccaccio’s finest poetry.

I also loved reading about that feisty bit on the stairs!

Monday, March 31st, 1941

I didn’t see Ernie this noon but she called me.  Choir rehearsal again tonight and afterwards we played cards.  Spike took us all home and near Zosh’s house we stopped and exchange ghost stories.  Got home tired and plopped into bed.

After reading this I wondered how many times I have heard about Babu telling, reading, even watching ghost stories.  She seemed to like romances much more.  I did find this moment from 1934 and I wish I could know more about her ghost hunt!

January, 1934


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