Leading to the Leaving…

Sunday April 13, 1941

The doorbell woke me at 6 bringing me a corsage from Jake with even a little poetry enclosed.


I’d love to know what the poetry said.  So cute!


Wednesday April 16, 1941

Jakey took us to work this morning.  I told him to pick out a camera and let me pay for it as his going away gift.  I hope he lets me do it.  He and Chet and Ed came up and I took them to Shankie’s and drove up and back.  I asked Ed if he’d come up and see me sometimes when Jake was gone and he said I’d have to throw him out, but I don’t believe it.  Peaches felt good tonight and meowed like a cat.  We even sat out on the back steps.


I wonder if it has hit her yet that he is leaving.  It’s hard to believe for me and many decades later I know that he did, in fact, leave.  I wonder how different her passages will be once that happens.  I think, for me, it will feel like a favorite character is missing from a favorite show.  For her, I know how it feels to watch your honey leave for the military and then again for unsafe combat situations.  But I have no idea how that feels during a great world war.


Friday, April 18, 1941

Last night we sort of hit up on a scheme of going to N.Y. tomorrow but Freddy was there and we sort of didn’t want him along.  Anyway tonight we decided we would go and Chet M. is coming too.  We’re going to mix some Scarlett O’Hara’s for the trip.  Hope we have a good time.  Ed is taking his car.  Jake said he’d wear his red, white, and blue suit and Ed says-if you wear your blanket I’ll wear my map, meaning his spring tan suit.


Such excitement!  and lingo I do not understand.  Maybe…Jake’s suit is colorful so it looks like a blanket and Ed’s in tan so therefor – map?  Kinda cute.  I think maybe they were already drinking some of those O’Haras when Ed came up with that joke…


Saturday, April 19, 1941

Ed, Chet, Jake and I started off about 6:30 for NY.  We stopped at my Aunt’s in Conn. and mixed some Scarlett O’Haras and got gay.  We met Ed at the Armada at 12:30 and ate lunch.  Went to see Hellzapoppin.  We went to Greenwich Village where Estelle lives and had a cocktail in a sidewalk cafe.  Then we went to a burlesque show and I left my ring from Jake and I cried until I thought my heart would break!  The other kids went to the “Beachcomber” club but we left it and went to the car.  Picked them up at one and went to New York University where Estelle’s brother’s frat was having a dance.  Left there at 3 and got home at 6:30.  Stopped in at church and came home to bed.


I think this is the story I heard from Babu many times.  Either Babu misremembered or I understood wrong and I thought it was her wedding ring she lost and had to have replaced.  Maybe one of us misremembered because I would always hear this story as I would help her get her rings on whenever we were going anywhere.  If this is the day she in fact remembered then it was indeed such a hard day that she was still painfully retelling the story over half a century later.

(Also I was almost too distracted to wonder about this burlesque show!)

Sunday, April 20, 1941

Slept till three and the boys came up at five.  The other two left at 7 and Jake and I read and listened to the radio.  We left at 10.  Wants to go to bed early so he can be fit to go to Alabama.  He gets all the breaks in the bargain.  Gets what he wants and leaves me nothing to even look forward to.


It seems like it has, in fact, hit her that he is leaving.  She sounds so angry at him.  Oh, I get it.  It took me many times and it is not until now, the final edit for this post that I get it.  “leaves me nothing to even look forward to.”  He hasn’t proposed to her.  I get it.  Oh, Babu is mad.  Just put a ring on it dude, and Babu, then you have to not loose it.  (Ooo, too soon?)


Tuesday, April 22, 1941

Nothing seems right.  I make myself feel like everything is fine but that fear in the back of my mind comes to the fore every now and then.  I can’t explain it but I guess I have to own up to the fact that it’s Jake’s going away.  He bought a suit today, cleaned up in his office while I was at the meeting in, then met Nat and me afterwards.  It’s very nice.


Ouch this one hurts.


Friday April 25, 1941

Got up a little tired this morning and besides still didn’t feel good.  Jake wanted to go to bed early so we went for a little drive.  Got back home and tried to sleep on the couch in the dark.  It was so nice.  But why do I always feel Jakey and I wont marry?  I think I love him more than he loves me.  Life goes on in spite of everything so I’ll go on too.

April 25 41

This month is such a bummer.


Saturday, April 26, 1941

This noon I met Aunt Nellie and Mary and shopped for clothes with them.  Also bought myself a 2 piece dress and a coat at the same time.  That leaves me with only a bit of change until pay day.  Jacob was sworn in today and leaves Monday at 7:00 AM.  We went to the movies and stood in line for a long time to see “Penny Serenade” and “The Great Plane Robbery.”  As usual he wanted to go to bed early so we said good-night.  Gosh, I certainly have what it takes!


Theres nothing like a little clothes shopping and whatever Babu was referring to to cheer you up a bit.



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