The Leaving.

Sunday, April 27, 1941

Jake, Nat, Stretch, Ed, Chet, and I took pictures today.  Stretch and Nat left and the rest of us went to the “Silver Star” for chicken and spaghetti.  Peach and I were out of sorts but we perked up.  We went riding and on the way bought me a lipstick.  When we got home we went to his room and he gave me Mr. Bostswicki’s gift to him-a fountain pen.  He brought me home and stayed for a while.  We kissed, shook hands, and parted smiling.  I set my alarm for six to get up and go to the station. 

And here are those pictures:

Monday, April 28, 1941

I shut the alarm off at 5:30 and slept until 6:45 and got dressed in about 7 minutes.  He and I, Chet, Harvey Taylor, Nellie, Caz, his mother and his aunts were all there.  He took me for a walk and we kissed good-bye in an alley like.  We all had tears and he did too.  All was well till the train pulled out and then Nell got hysterical.  In the evening, she and I and her mother went for a drive and then I went to a choir shower.  Spike took us out for ice cream and I didn’t get home till after one.


What a scene.  I pictured it in my head but played by Bogart and Bergman.  Yes, in black and white.  Yes, fog rolled across the pavement and no one’s tears mess up their makeup one bit.


Tuesday, April 29, 1941

Had a card from Peach when I came home and it felt wonderful.  Ernie and I went to Nee-Wah meeting where we saw “Safari on Wheels” and “Hawaii.”  There was no Jakey waiting for us when we got out but I’ll have to get used to it.  It isn’t bad but is getting worse.


Oh Babu, I’m sure it will get even worse than that.


Also, I believe this is the exact card:

postcard 1apostcard 1b

Dear Meeches,

Leaving for Cleveland in 5 minutes.  Take care,


Edit:  I missed an image from the 27th.  How could I?april 27 a.jpeg


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