This Space for Writing Messages

to the one you love

each stop of the journey

just to let them know

5 minutes till the next leg

many more until the next stop

the next missive


See you in the next letter.

you are

moving ever toward

returning home

or never.


Tuesday, April 29, 1941

Had a card from Peach when I came home and it felt wonderful.

postcard 1apostcard 1b

Postcard April 29, 1941

Dear Meeches,

Leaving for Cleveland in 5 minutes.  Take care,



Wednesday, April 30, 1941

Chet called me before nine today and said he had picked up the pictures we took Sunday and was leaving them at Nellie’s.  I went over after supper and got them.  Peach sent me a card from Cincinnati.  Played the piano at choir today.  Spike took me for a ride and bought me a Scarlett O’Hara at the new Edelweiss in West Springfield.


2019-01-11 23.04.04postcard 2b


Postcard April 30, 1941

Dear Emily,

The government is certainly all right.  We rode first class all the way.  Sleeping in a train is O.K.  I haven’t had a chance to take one picture yet.  See you in my next letter,



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