Just Listening to Some Jazz While Waiting on the Mail…

Friday, May 2, 1941

It rained in spurts today and by evening had turned really cold.  Washed my hair, cleaned my room, and played piano.  Nellie dropped in for a while.  I was anxious to get home tonight to see if I had any mail from Jake, but there was none.  His folks had a card yesterday.

Hasn’t gotten any mail, but who is keep track, eh?

Saturday, May 3, 1941

Felt rather blue about the weekend.  Ernie, myself, and part of her office force had lunch at “Tinty’s.”  She and I shopped and I met Jeannette Prezbuyla and I didn’t get home until 5:30.  No one was home and there was no letter from Jake although his mother had one.  I took a bath and went to Nat’s.  Her brother John took me out and we leave to Hartford to hear “Count Bassie.”  Got home around 12:30.

This is another brush with fame. Did she really go see Count Basie in 1941?!

Babu always went to the best events. She always seemed on the cusp of history, or right in it. I guess it’s dumb to say because she was living her young adulthood at this time. But she just had a knack for being in the coolest places. From seeing the Hindenburg fly above her head to FDR driving below her office building.

I enjoyed viewing this source, a book on google books which references the show Babu went to.

I feel so sorry for how Babu must have missed Jake and waiting for letters to hear his voice in. But I’m having a little bit of a hard time feeling too bad knowing she was having such experiences while waiting!


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