Just a day in Janurary, 1941

Nothing in wrong with a simple day.

jan 17 41

Friday, January 17th, 1941

It rained and thawed after the snow and now it’s just slush.   Emmy brought some potato chips today that have flavors of onion, celery, and tamale.  Ernie is worried about paying an income tax of over 7.00.  Washed my hair tonight and cleaned my room.  Wonder if tomorrow will be a little different.

It will be.  Or it wont be.  (You can tell from the image that the next day was a bit more interesting.  At the end, anyway.)  But not much can be better than a tamale potato chip and 7.00 income tax kind of day!  But celery chips?  Really?  Or were all of those flavors together?

Here are the last two years worth of the letter “J”

April A-Z: January

April A-Z: Meet the Joneses!


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