April A-Z: Krol

As I have written about before, Babu has had a friend that always interested me.  She wasn’t part of the “main core” of friends but she was important.

Please read this post about Johnny Krol before continuing!

Who is Johnny Krol?


Wednesday, April 26th, 1939

Because I didn’t say hello to Johnny last night, it has been bothering me ever since.  Mother and I paid a visit at Grandma’s tonight.  Stella had her tonsils out and is a pretty sick girl.  From there we went to Jane Krol’s sister’s shower.  Had a good time.  Danced an Oberek with a strange young man who danced well.

Again, don’t get confused by the number of Johnny’s.  The first one is Johnny Lech whom Babu does not say hello to when she runs into him on the street.  Jane Krol is lovingly remembered by us as Johnny.  They are one in the same.  The following picture must have been from Jane’s sister’s wedding.

jane kroljane b

Johnny in that beautiful dress and with that happy (?) look on her face is not the most important find about her during 1939.  I love the following passages:

Tuesday, September 5th, 1939

 The boys called for us and we delivered gifts to Johnny Krol who is starting hospital training tomorrow.

Wednesday, September 27th, 1939

Johnny Krol’s birthday.  Finally she is at her beloved hospital work.  It’s so cold, rainy, and miserable out today. I can get no answer out of mother about what board I should pay her so I suppose the old procedure will go on.  She remains silent on the subject.

Wednesday, June 26th, 1940

Jane Krol visited me tonight and as I really had to attend choir rehearsal, she came with me.  Our choir teacher lectured me but I’m still going to Taunton this week-end.  Jane and I sat on the front steps and talked.  She told me about her work at the hospital and about the babies she takes care of.  I wish I could see more of her.

She sounds amazing to me.  Maybe a career woman?  How kickass the way working as a nurse is her “beloved hospital work.”  I “hear” about her less and less in the pages of Babu’s journals. Maybe she will reappear, however.

There is no April A-Z for last year’s “K.”  I didn’t make it.  However, for 2017:

April A-Z: Kwolek


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