April A-Z: Initiation

The Nee-Wah girls.  They were an exclusive club.  I remember Babu writing that she thought they wouldn’t accept Ernie.  Then she wrote about her acceptance and never mentioned if Ernie was in or no.  In the picture shared with me in this post:

April A-Z: Contact

Ernie is not in the picture although Babu’s friends Zosh and Natalie were.  In the passage I show down below, Ernie is going to their Halloween party.  So did she get in?

I love reading about these Nee-Wah girls.  They sound so professional scheduling balls and throwing birthday parities for members.  But then I read something that makes them seem so much more interesting:

October 29th, 1940

Got a ride to work from Jakey again this morning.  Told him he shouldn’t do it cause it takes him out of his way too much.  He called me this afternoon-just for fun, I guess.  Wish he would stay the way he is always.  Ernie and I got dressed for the Nee-Wah Halloween Party.  She as a cowboy and I as a drum major.  Edmund and Jake drove us up and back.  We initiated the new girls, had something to drink, and played games and told jokes.

Aww, man!  These diaries always tell me so much but leave me wanting for even more!

Like:  WHY aren’t there pictures of them in those costumes?!


What were their initiations like?  Maybe it was simply a toast, some speech made?  It was Halloween, so did they haze the new inductees?  Make them reach their hands into a bowl of spaghetti and grapes with a blind fold on?  When I read this I immediately thought of that scene from Daze and Confused when they hazed the freshman.  Do you know what I’m talking about?  The part where they make them roll on the concrete and pour ketchup and mustard all over them?  How did these girls do it?  I will most likely never know.

Here are the last two years of the letter “I”

April A-Z: Insufficient Sleep


April A-Z: Images


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  1. randommusings29 says:

    I’d love to know what she had to do too

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