April A-Z: Holidays

I am currently transcribing the end of 1940 so why not focus on the good days?  Here’s to the November Holidays!

The first to celebrate is “Peaches'” birthday:

Thursday, November 21st, 1940

Gladys Kapinos, Freddy Fila, Jake and I went bowling.  Edmund joined us there.  Ed and Jake bowled against the 3 of us and how they heckled us, getting us to throw our balls away.  Had some ice cream at Howard Johnson’s.  It was after 12 when we got home so I wished Jakey a happy birthday-the first one to do it.

Oh my gosh, she is so cute!  My favorite part about this day’s passage is: “…how they heckled us, getting us to throw our ball away.”  Sometimes I see what she writes about play out in my head.

Friday, November 22nd, 1940

Got a ride to work this morning from Peaches.  He came about 7:30 tonight and I gave him his gift.  He seemed to be pleased. And I hope he was.  Some girl sent him a singing telegram at the city hall.  Christine Bozar visited us tonight and how she has grown.  Edmund, Jake, and I stopped at the “Chicopee House.”

Whose this girl sending his a singing telegram?!?!

Are you wondering what Babu gave Jake?  Well, I will need to back track a bit to the 16th:

Saturday, November 16th, 1940

Called for Ernie at one and went to Carlisle’s shopping.  Bought Nat some skating socks and mittens and bought Jake a pair of skates for their respective birthdays.  Peach came and brought Mom a cute refuse can knowing she needed one.  He and Edmund called in the evening and we sat around talking for an hour.  Rode around and bowled.  Rode around some more and about one had a hamburg and coffee.  Peach didn’t want to go home but we kept our date 15 min after he left.

It always seems like skates are given as presents.  Why such a popular gift?  It seems like people have gotten multiple pair at this point.  How many do you need?!  And was anyone else wondering how a “refuse can” could be cute?

I couldn’t help myself.  I googled “cute refuse can.”  I was moderately not disappointed.


Here was Thanksgiving, 1940:

Thursday, November 28th, 1940

While mother prepared Thanksgiving dinner, I slept.  Got up at noon and shortly after Jake, Edmund, and I went skiing at Franconia Golf Course.  What fun but did we get wet.  I had no ski shoes and just slipped my feet inside the straps.  The dinner at home, after, was wonderful.  We went to Ed’s house and played cards with his brother and Fila.


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