April A-Z: Grand Adventures and Ghost Towns

The desert has such an allure.  I want to move out there.  I want to live out there.  At the very least, I cannot wait to visit again.  That will have to wait as I, sigh, live in New England and, sigh, have to work for a living.  There will be an adventure for us next week, however!  The husband and I are driving down south.  Memphis, Nashville, we don’t know if we’ll make it to New Orleans as a week is short.  I am so very looking forward to this.

Speaking of amazing adventures and grand things, I found these images:

Grand BabuGrand Jakegrand

Oh what a beautiful place.  I’ve been there and even these jaw dropping photos do not do it justice.  Babu told me about this trip.  She and Jake drove all the way across the country and I think it was for Jake’s work in some fashion.  She told me how she didn’t drive but she made sandwiches for them in the passenger seat.  She also told me about seeing flowers on the side of the road, as far as the eye could see, but separated by colors, big swaths of individual colors.  (She could tell me that but never told me about seeing the Grand Canyon?!)  I am so grateful to have found these pictures because there is something I cannot find.  I cannot find any of the diaries from the fifties.  If I could get my wish on just one from that decade it would be ’55, the year they took this trip.

They also stopped at Bryce Canyon and quite a few other places.

petrified forrest
Petrified Forrest 
The Hoover Dam
colorado pass
Colorado Pass June 1955
bryce canyon
Bryce Canyon
Babu Arizon
Oak Creek Canyon, Arizona

Oh man how the travel lust can get me.

Here is a place I haven’t been but I’d surely love to check out.  I love me a ghost town!

jerome ghost city

The back of the photo says: Jerome, Ghost City, Arizona  I looked into it and I found some interesting information about the place on this blog here:


Here are the last two April A-Z for “G.”

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  1. Liam says:

    As a New Englander, I’ve never been to a desert, or really anywhere out West except for the coast. One of these days I need to accrue the time and money to explore the great National Parks. I love these photos!


  2. joanzumwalt says:

    I lived in Flagstaff and Prescott Arizona for 26 years and visited the Grand Canyon, Sedona, Petrified Forest, Jerome, etc. many times. I was also lucky to grow up on a ranch in Colorado. These photos brought back many memories.

    Liked by 1 person

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