April A-Z: Franklin D.

Wednesday, October 30th, 1940

The president of the U.S. Franklin D. Roosevelt visited Springfield today and we all saw him.  We were hanging out of our office windows as he went by and he looked up at us, smiled and waved.  It was a thrill and I waved and shouted with the rest.  Jake and Edmund and I went to the movies and saw “Dispatch from Reuter’s” and “Too Many Girls.”  Peach and I came home and almost fell asleep by the radio.

oct 30 40

Remember that time Franklin Delano Roosevelt visited Springfield, Ma?!?!  I found a website that claims that while he was there, he inspected the armory.  That is here:

FDR Day-by-Day

I also remember Babu writing about FDR before.  This was when she was very excited about the presidential election.  Here is the last post, from 1936, that I wrote about Roosevelt:

November, 1936

This website, which I always find wonderful information on, even has pictures of the day.  Being a Springfield native, it was pretty cool to see images of FDR near a place I recognized.

Lost New England

This amazing image was found on that website:



Here is my April A-Z for “F” last year:

April A-Z: Four Hundred!

And, mind you, I am close to five hundred posts today!




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