Day Six: A Portrait

I’m sorry!  I broke the rules here but all I could think about were the amazing numbers of portraits in Babu’s collection of photos and one of my favorite ones.  (Technically, I did take a picture of this picture.)  I’ll also include one of my favorite ones I’ve taken of Babu. This really fun photo…

Day Five: Something Mint Green

Her shirt says: Avo-cardio.  And yes, that is a land speeder. A really fun Photo Challenge hosted by Cassia Elizabeth 

Sunday Share: Alphabet Haiku and a Photo Challenge

I got wrapped up in challenges this month.  I wasn’t looking for any, I swear!  But first came around Alphabet Haiku.  Did you know that Haiku was originally, and still should be if it’s not, considered a form of meditation?  I wrote one just for fun and then I saw that I could do it! …

Alphabet Haiku Challenge: Dank

Dark Side of the Moon‘s Alphabet Haiku Challenge for “D.” Dawning dark, dreary dangerous downfall disrupts Drops drumming, drumming.

Alphabet Haiku Challenge: Conflict

I am loving this!  The Alphabet Haiku Challenge hosted by Dark Side of the Moon. Here is the letter “C” Cuthbert, cat-“Cuthie” clashes, claws-clawed-conflict! Cured. Curls…catatonic.

Day Three: A Pool

The river is my pool side. A photo challenge hosted by:  Cassia Elisabeth  

Alphabet Haiku Challenge: Boundaries

This is the Alphabet Haiku Challenge from Dark Side of the Moon’s wonderful blog.  Check it out, it’s wonderful, and stay tuned for it’s appearance on this Sunday’s Sunday Share. beaver bounded but because barely brave bounded back

Day Two: Writing

It says: 100 years March 11 1918 She must have forgotten how old she was.

Throw Back Thursday: Cartography

I thought about the poem featured in this post the other day.  I thought about it the last time I shared passages with her.  I thought about how, even when she struggled to remember people she used to be very close with, all she could remember was where they lived.  That, and that they were…

Day One: Coffee Shop

I don’t get out often, being a caretaker.  Thankfully, I have created a paradise for myself at home.  (OK, my paradise is a MESS right now, but I’m fine with that.)  This is my coffee shop. A photo challenge by Cassia Elisabeth.