Hindenburg on My Mind

I don’t remember if I told you, but Babu saw the Hindenburg.  Not the explosion, but it during flight.  Here is the passage:

Friday, October 9th, 1936
Saw “big Broadcast of 1937” and “Desert Gold.”  Woke up this morning to the siren of fire trucks.  Next door at the Partyka’s their oil got on fire.  Two fireman quenched it but there was three long trucks and two cars. Then at school we were let out at 10:45 to see the Hindenburg (airship.)  Went to Ernie’s Spfld home for the night.  Met her Aunt and Uncle.  Then she and I and two boys Jack Toomey, and Jack C., went to the Paramount then to a spaghetti place to eat.  Then walked around on the Memorial Bridge, got a car, rode around, came home 1:30 AM.

I couldn’t believe it when I read about it.  I read the next few pages fervently to find out if she would write about the tragic explosion, but she didn’t.  Come to find out, that accident hasn’t happened yet.  (Wow, this is really messing with my space-time continuum.)  What I mean is, the Hindenburg explodes on May 6th, 1937 and I have not read and transcribed that far yet.  But I’ve been thinking about it since last October.  I mean – since I read October of 1936.  What made me think of it now?  A former student of mine posted this on Facebook today:

So the hindenburg was like the nazi germany titanic?

I read that and thought, oh yea, the Hindenburg!  I still had some lingering questions about the passage she wrote.

So I did some research, most importantly trying to figure out what Babu meant about going to go see the Hindenburg.  At first I couldn’t find out anything about it except for the explosion, but I changed my search parameters, including the date she saw it, and I found out this information.

The “Millionaires Flight” of the Hindenburg was a 10-1/2 hour cruise over New England on October 9, 1936, for 72 wealthy and influential passengers.  The guests were invited to generate support for a German-American zeppelin service and it was said the passengers had a combined net worth of more than one billion dollars, from which the flight got its nickname.

The Flight

The flight was a leisurely day-long cruise over the fall foliage of New England.

Source:  http://www.airships.net/hindenburg/flight-schedule/millionaire-flight/#comment-631571

hinde.jpegNelson Rockefeller in Navigation Room of Hindenburg.

Can you imagine the view?  It didn’t matter if you were on the ground or in the sky!  The New England Autumn is always a sight to see but Airships like the Hindenburg always give me a Science Fiction feeling.  And there she was, watching it float serenely over Springfield.  I wish, I wish she wrote more about that moment.  I’m sure she’ll be writing more about it in 1937.

Sorry for the swastikas.  I hate to look at them but it was, as my student said, the Nazi Titanic.

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  1. gmbakerblog says:

    This is what I love about diarists…finding moments of history reflecting in ordinary people’s accounts of their lives

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  2. 1littlecloud says:

    Reblogged this on Little Cloud and commented:
    This is very interesting, I never really knew much information about the Hindenburg. I love history, that’s when it’s true.

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    1. Thanks for the compliment and the reblog. 😁


  3. You know … Babu, in her style of writing, reminds me even now of a typical teenager, with the emphasis of her attention on which friend she was hanging with … the boys … the fashion. And, how seeing something so marvelous, like a blimp, was little mention during a period when planes were still non-commercialized for the common citizen! Oh … the minds of teenagers, then and now.

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    1. I know. How wild. It’s a double trip for me to see such a teen in a woman I’ve only ever known as grandmother. ❤️

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  4. Hey Loons says:

    What a buzz to uncover this! Can’t wait for Babu’s entry on the day it explodes.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Me too! There’s so many historical moments I’m waiting to read about.


  5. Lan says:

    Now i am a big fan of Babu, i must read all about the story. Hindenburg! I wonder what it feels like being inside one.. Nice documentation!

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