Two Wonderful Moments. Excerpts, September, 1938


What is so funny?  I have solved the mystery!

sept 16

Friday, September 16th, 1938
Emmy, Vi, and I laughed till we were silly this afternoon over sea vegetable pills Emmy brought to give her energy.  Friday night seems to be a steady going out one for Jakey.  Wish he would include me once in a while.  What good does it do to live so near to each other when we don’t ever see one another?

Ok, so it would be strange if that picture was taken as they were talking about the sea vegetable pills.  It proves one point, however.  Babu has a wonderful time with the women in her office.  I think she could get along with anyone.

Then there is this tender moment:

sept 16

Saturday, September 17th, 1938
Mother and I shopped this afternoon.  Didn’t buy very much – a jacket, shoes, and hat.  It rained hard tonight so Mom and I stayed at home and set in my bedroom and talked all evening.  Gosh but Mom and Dad care for each other.  I guess they won’t want to live if either one goes.

I loved reading that passage.

b and d


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