December 1935

This month seems mixed with deep peace and a little bit of torment.  She writes lovely passages like this:

Saturday, December 6th, 1935

Went to confession this evening.  First time I felt so swell after going.  So peaceful.  I could have stayed in church all evening.

Plus there is the excitement of the holidays is the air:

Friday, December 20th, 1935
Wished I were far away from home today so I could go home like the kids at school.  They’re all excited.

But, of course, there is still unrest about her former friendship.  In one passage she writes about how everyone is raving about Jeanette’s new outfit.  In the next passage she writes about having a difficult time getting along with another friend, Jennie.  Then on the third day she shares a fear that she is just too difficult to get along with and sends up a prayer that she wont loose another friend.  Thankfully, things work themselves out by the end of the month, with Jennie, not with Jeanette.

Here is some good news for wrapping up her year.  By December 28th, she is speaking with Drobey again.  For a while it seemed as if she had lost him in the Jeanette divorce but things are looking up.  He sends her a Christmas card and she tells him thank you.

But this does not solve her boy woes.  She writes:

Friday, December 27th, 1935
Jaime rides by in the truck a couple of times a day.  Why couldn’t Walter feel that way?  It just can’t be, that’s all.

(“Walter” is W.B.Z. uncoded.)

The year ends with celebrations and Babu has plenty of company “up to the house.”  It is a year end full of family, friends, food, and celebration.


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  1. It’s nice you get to read Babu’s life. I don’t know anyone who has such a treasure book in their family.

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    1. Thank you. I consider myself soooooooo lucky.

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