October, 1935

She attends Casmire’s wake and is frightened by the body.  She and Jeanette are still not friends.  She tried out for the orchestra and dramatics.  She gets good grades in everything except for penmanship.  (Really?)  Drobey is hanging out with Jeanette and Teddy, instead of her.  Babu’s reaction?

Oh, I’ll be darned!

She is becoming fast friends with Ernestine and getting a ride every morning from Jaime but turning him down for every date.  Maybe Jeanette had some sort of a point???  Dare I say it?

W.B.Z. and Adele are closer then ever, which is unfortunate since Babu seems to have almost completely forgotten about Drobey, out of sight, out of mind, and thinks and dreams about W.B.Z. every free moment.  However, he only has eyes for Adele, so when they are all at the high school’s Halloween dance, Babu has a number with “Jakie” Stefanik instead of W.B.Z.

Someone for some reason broke most of the street lights so according to Babu, not many kids were out for Halloween.Well!  I’d be the one darned if someone stopped me from trick or treating!

Here are some vintage 1930’s Halloween images I found on the interwebs:


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  1. Freaky costumes…interesting article.

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