September Excerpts: What the Fight was Really All About.

Or can we even know?  Usually, I’d say we can only know one side of this story, therefore, discredit the whole account, but since Babu records exactly what Jeanette said to her, I think it’s pretty fair.  To someone who knows her and has read all the previous passages, it’s rather revealing.

jeanette fight.jpeg

Tuesday, September 17th, 1935
After all my worries got 91 in the accounting test. Jeanette and I really had a serious quarrel and I don’t think we’ll make up. Teddy got a carton of cigarettes from Jamie and said he wasn’t going to smoke them because Jaime is a pansy. I said Teddy shouldn’t be so particular.  She said I was and that I had called Jaime a sucker because he took me to the prom then she said I was too good for everyone because I go to Bay Path. I walked out. This was that Falcons.

So it turns out that Jeanette is still in high school for another year and nothing can tear friendships apart like one moving on and one staying put.  Maybe Babu did put on airs and certainly there is something wonky about Babu and Jaime.  I hate to say anything negative at all about Babu but when friendships disintegrate, everyone had been playing their part for a long time.  I hope things get repaired.


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