November, 1935

There is a small earthquake on the first of the month and Babu continues to be successful in her college courses.  These two facts were placed in the same sentence for their juxtaposition, not their similarity.  Perhaps a story that better belongs with a tale of a small earthquake is what is still going on, or not going on, between her and Jeanette.  This month’s interactions, or lack thereof, are the cause of Babu following Jeanette’s lead, ditching Mrs. Cunningham’s piano classes for a piano teacher of better renown known as “The Professor.”  I can’t make up this stuff.  :D!  Babu writes that she hopes she doesn’t run into Jeanette there and it’s the saddest statement that can pass between friends except for:

Went to Prof. Cerbonescki’s.  All my practice and he chose a different etude or rather etudes.  Jeanette was there and didn’t recognize me.

On Thanksgiving she writes:

Thanksgiving and I have lots to be thankful for.  One thing mars my peace and that is my misunderstanding with Jeanette.  Saw her tonight, just turned away.

If Babu can admit to herself that she misses her friend, why not reach out?  It’s not only my heart this is breaking, so why doesn’t she fix it?  The one fishy detail is, Babu chooses a piano teacher who is meant to make her a better player yet she freely admits:

I’ll get very far if I keep up my practicing as I did today.  Not a key did I play.  I went to the city with Sophie and she got a new pair of shoes.

She either does not how friendship or how learning to play an instrument actually works.


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