Excerpts from January 1934

Supernatural Play:

Monday, January 22nd, 1934
“Cris” came to see me, and we searched for spooks in the attic and cellar. I took her home and ran all the way back.

Free Speech:

Wednesday, January 3rd, 1934
You know, Diary, when the “club” gets talking, we pick the dizziest subjects.  Imagine, “dentist,” “tonsils,” “opera!”


Adults not acting Adulty:


Thursday, January 4th, 1934
Can you imagine, I conversed with the “honored” Miss Welch during a session given by Dawling (miss) and Welch said she would like to wring her neck.


Friday, January 12th, 1934
Maxie’s wife (battle ax as he calls her.) is nicer than her photo.  I wonder if there are any “daguerrotypes” now.  (Wonder if it’s spelled right.)



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