The Difference a Year Makes

This couldn’t have worked out better.  If I didn’t transcribe half of 1935 and then switch to 1934 I don’t think I’d see the contrast.  I wrote in the previous post she writes younger, well obvi!  But it just goes to show how fast we grow.  She writes more playfully and imaginatively.  (Not to mention she’s learning to do laundry.  Our little girl is growing up!!!)

In January, 1935 she directly address and personifies her journal only once, even though she does it more times throughout the year.  In January, 1934 she “speaks” to her journal twice not including this entire passage:

Monday, January 8th, 1934
You’re very lucky, Diary, that you don’t possess any teeth, or yours would spend unpleasant hours at the dentist like me.

She’s also just as playful stating:

At last I found “a bit o’ time” in which to darn my “darn” stockings.

Although much older, Babu and I laughed as we read this.  She is the most playful when search for “spooks.”  I ponder why the difference and have a hypothesis.  More statistics:

Times she mentioned boys in January, 1935:

19, almost every day including:  “I’m afraid I’ll have a good for nothing husband if any.”

Times in January, 1934:

Only once about who she partnered with at a dance

(At first I wondered if I was forcing this coming of age story but the numbers are blatant!)

Instead she talks about the girls in the club:

Wednesday, January 24th, 1934
I really enjoyed myself at club meeting today. I think a finer bunch of girls is hard to find.

dogs, new desks in her classroom, and scandalous things the adults around her are letting slip, like someone calling his wife “Battle Ax”.  Didn’t we love to catch adults at moments on non adultness?  (Confession:  I still do.)


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