First Two Weeks of July 1935 Excerpt

Sunday July 7th, 1935
It rains today.  All day in spurts.  I’m sorry for the people who planned to go to beaches but for myself I’m not a bit sorry it’s raining.  Read and slept most all day.  Sophie came up and we listened to the radio and talked.



I imagine this day as one of the best days you can have.

Sunday July 14th, 1935
Had a premonition that we’d have company.  We did.  My cousin Edna has the promise of a job at Brighton so she’s staying at my house until it’s all settled.  Jeanette came up and so did Sophie with a girl from our street to whom I was introduced.  Eddie Si.  I don’t know how to spell it but that’s the way it’s pronounced.


This passage struck me because I have never heard her mention anything even slightly supernatural, (except for about the ghosts in our home but that is a whole other story.)  She had a premonition?!?!  Even though her guessing company was coming was pretty much just a sure bet in her house, the creative writer in me starting jotting down story ideas!


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