What You Get for Being a Naggy Wife

I have been diligently working on an overhaul of my writer’s space in my room preparing for “the next stage.”  It quickly occurred to me that the best use of space was to use furniture that was already in our house, furniture that is not ours but that we’ve been tripping over for over a decade.  I couldn’t think of bringing more in, except for the wonderful end table my next door neighbor put on the curb and the perfect chair my mom gave me.  So, some things were repurposed and the room was beginning to come together except for a file cabinet.  I really wanted my hanging files out of the milk crates they’ve been in for 15 years.  So husband said there was a file cabinet in the basement and I kinda bugged him a little to dig it out and haul it up.  I mean, he had to move mattresses and piles of stuff!  I managed to be relatively patient and insistent in equal parts while waiting for it to be done.

When he did finally get around to it he placed it in the middle of the room after I ran up stairs ahead of him opening doors and he said:

“Look in the bottom drawer.”

I did, thinking at first that he bought me some school supplies, notebooks and whatn…

GASP!  “More journals?!?!”

He nodded.

“I’ve really wanted to find the 193-”

“It’s in there.”

I dove in and found it.  Wiglia came a little late this year but it came!!  It’s her 1934 journal, the one Drobey wanted to see but Babu didn’t think she should show him because of how she wrote about him in it.  This is going to tell me more about what really happened between them!  Not to mention it’s one year older and even neater.

To think, if I hadn’t started this project of a room renovation and insisted on using that file cabinet, if I had just gotten one from Staples like Adam requested I do, instead of making him move mattress and heaping piles of dusty, dusty junk…I would not have found these.  JACKPOT!  I can’t wait to begin transcribing but what I will do first is finish out this month in 1935 then time travel!!  (I hate doing things out of order.)

Here is the room – still a WIP!

I’ll send an update when it’s done!  And I can’t wait to read the 1934 journal!



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  1. Luanne @ TFK says:

    Oh, that is very lucky! Another treasure!

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  2. yay! I cannot wait! Your blog is my bedtime story!

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    1. I’m so excited, too!


  3. cjlevinson says:

    What a great find! It’s amazing how we can be so desperate to find something but no matter what we do, we never look in the right place, but then days or weeks later we’re doing something completely different and suddenly there it is! The amount of times I’ve done that with my keys scares me.

    Good luck with the room. Looks like it’ll be a great space for you!

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