The End of July, 1935

Summer.  Still summer.  She goes to Hampden Ponds, she goes swimming, she goes to the library, and helps around the house with chores like ironing.  Her cousin Edna is staying with them while she begins a new job locally and settles in.  She is wearing out her welcome and part of what’s causing a new short lived battle between Babu and Jeanette.

She drops a simple one liner:  “Caveman looked nice today.”  I didn’t miss it, Babu.  I heard that.

Babchi demands that Babu practice piano 2 and a half hours a day if she wants to take lessons next season.  !!!  Where did Babchi even come up with that number?  Seems like a lot to me.  Babu just wants to read and does a lot of it.  She read “The Count of Monte Cristo” in two weeks after commenting how long the book was!

She went to a place called Joyland and watched a dance competition.

She starts an entry with “dearest diary” and you know when she does that that she is really excited about something.  She has applied for a job she found listed in the newspaper.  She hopes she gets it.

Caveman saw her talking to Joseph and she says she’s glad.  I sense all those same mixed and not understood feelings.

She visits with a girl name Carrie who Babu says has all the best gossip.

She “quarrels” with her mother about reading.  I think that is about her mother preferring her to play piano instead.  Babu chides herself for being hard to get along with but we know it’s not true!


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