The end of May, 1935 Excerpts

Wednesday May 29th, 1935
My graduation pictures will be ready Friday.  Tonight I signed up for Bay Path.  The secretarial course for two years.  Our cousins from Holyoke came for the evening.  I want to go to prom.


This passage has all short concise sentences.  I think it shows a lot of anxiety and other emotions like hope she is trying to keep contained.

Friday May 31st, 1935
Class day tomorrow.  We didn’t take an umbrella to school and the rain caught us.  Itchy borrowed an umbrella from St. Francis and we took him under the arm.  There were 5 of us.  We went to the concert at the Trinity Church Community House.  It was beautiful, the church.  Teddy and Drobey came after us with the Doctor’s car.


It seems like such a small moment but so much fun!  I remember moments like that when trying to explain why it was fun, you had to be there.  However, I’m a little bit worried about her taking the arm of any man named “Itchy”…


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