Some May Extras!

This one is especially for Nicole and Stef!!



Friday, May 24th, 1935
Jacob Stefanik told me my hair “looks lousy” and to make it grow long.  Went to the game.  Chicopee beat Westfield 6 to 4.  “Honey” Polpeck is wonderful but he’s being used too much.  Teddy Fidar got hit.  I felt so sorry for him.  He was such sport.  Went to F league.  Aggie put me in for running and Basketball throw.

I love the entry where she talks about “acting crazy” at the bowling alley.

“Tried to do the Continental and everything.”

Here is a clip from the movie “The Gay Wedding” which I know Babu went to see one of these nights in 1935.  It’s the Continental!

The continental!!


I showed this to Babu and she was impressed!  She says:

“Those are professional dancers!  That is what I would have liked to be, a dancer.  You’d have to take lessons to dance like that!”  I told her: “I’d have to take lessons for about a 100 years!”  She laughs.  “Me, too.”

Also, in one of the entries she wrote about the church having a service for “Pilsudski.”  I assumed it was a memorial service for someone in the community but Babu remembered the name.  All she could remember was that he was “A big guy in Poland.”  I looked him up and found this wikipedia page.  Knowing nothing about Polish history, and not having the time to research more than just this page, I cannot tell if he truly deserved to be a Polish hero or a villain, but he died in 1935 and without Babu’s memory, I wouldn’t have understood that passage for what it was.



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  1. Oh! Watching the video of the continental dance was wonderful and I feel like it’s helped me imagine Babu during “her” time rather than mine, if that makes sense.

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    1. Yes, it certainly does. That’s why I look for the multimedia. Pictures and videos. I need them to fully immerse myself as well. Thank you so much for going through all these posts. I have to warn you, I passed 400 post a while back! It means so much that you are taking this time.


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