Sharing May

I bring the new passages to Babu as she is beginning her daily exercises.  Yes!  She as PT exercises she still does nearly every day!  98.  Amazing.  I love her.  So I wait and type as she does all kinds of leg lifts and counts them out animatedly in Polish.  (Yup, I’m feeling like quite a bump on a log here, folks!)  She finishes her standing exercises and moves toward her chair to complete her sitting ones but slyly takes the typed out journal entries from next to me.

“You’re stealing from me now, Babu?  I saw what you did!”

She places her exercise sheet over the passages and says:

“What?  I’ve just got my exercises!”

I love how she will always catch my tease and throw it back.  We laugh a lot.

She reads of the tense moments of May and laughs.  She laughs at no one showing up for the committee meeting.  I think that she liked the way she wrote that is was going to be “one great flop.”  She laughed at how another project disbanded because only 5 showed up.

“Gosh, we had to write poems and do a poetry project?  I didn’t remember us having to do all that!”

Then she laughs again at how she just decides to deal with it all by going to the movies.  She justifies it by saying she wasn’t the only one who wanted to go to the movies!  Then she deduces that they must have had plenty of ideas for their poetry with all the movies they saw and always double features!

She reads about W.B.Z. and cracks the code remembering the full name to go along with the initials. I say:

“He must have been a cutie!”

“He was a regular guy.”

“Then why’d you have such a crush on him? ”

“He was exceptional, to me.”

“He must have been smart or nice or something.”

“He lived downtown.”

Buahahaha.  She just absolutely refuses to dish or to gossip.  I know myself and I’ll give this warning now.  I know I’m going to be one of those overshare grannies!

There was a special sentence tucked away into a passage about her mother making her a white coat.  Babu and I talked about that and her mother for a while.  If Babchi made a white coat, if she made anything, it was beautiful.  As Babu said, you would have though you bought it, except for the fact that, yes, it didn’t look shotty and homemade, but it would look better, and hold up better then what you would buy at a store.  Because of her hobby and her talent, we have many things around the house that she crafted.  What a tangible legacy to leave!

No matter where we turn in our house, we see her work.


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  1. I do love following your Babu posts. I wish we all kept journals for our children or grand children to have. I often wish I could have known my folks before they were my folks, as kids and teenagers and a young couple falling in have a glimpse of Babu’s world back then. It’s very special. Thanks for sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank yo so, so much. I do realize an truly value it. I also feel so supported and encouraged by supportive comments like this!!


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