Classy, Snappy, and No Dumbbell!

Babu read the new set of passages and remembered a girl in her journal named Jenny and corrected the spelling of her last name.  She still has so much of her memory but wont believe it!  She even sometimes calls herself a “dumbbell,”  which is far from the truth.  She remembered that Jenny lived not far away and was a nice person.  This is always important to Babu.  Who in her life, like Caveman, and Sophie, and Jenny were kind, and who wasn’t, like Miss Short.  Her sense of justice shows through as she reads these passages.  Why should anything else matter to remember, but kindness?

She didn’t say much as she read today so I asked her what she thought.  “Ok!”  she said.  “It sounds like Spring is starting and things are exciting…”  She didn’t contribute to that conversation verbally but I saw her face open and light up.

She did wonder where her class ring has gone.  I wonder, too, but there is no time today to look in case she does still have it.  Babu is going to an event today with her daughter and she is dressed up and looking “snappy.”  She complained that many of her lipsticks were missing.  She had about 10, all different colors, laid out in front of her.  It took some time to find the right color and as I would suggest a color she would turn it down as being too light or too dark.  She is wearing a black and white outfit and I simply accept the fact that i just don’t know the lipstick shade rules.  Babu is a woman who knows those rules.  So classy.  🙂


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